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Halal Assurance and Quality Greece is the main choice for companies willing to export to the Gulf countries and are obligated to follow the GSO standard (Gulf Standards Organization). HAQ-Greece is accredited by EIAC since 2021 and honored to be the first Greek certification body to get the accreditation.

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Join the booth of HAQ-Greece in Gulfood, Dubai!

HAQ Sponsors What is it

The Gulfood is the largest food exhibition in the Gulf area with over 4000 exhibitors participating from 185 counties that takes place in Dubai World Trade Center holding 12 Halls.

HAQ-Greece is the biggest Greek halal certification body accredited on the halal GSO standard (Gulf Standard Organization) since 2021. Exhibiting on Gulfood for 3 years now, proudly serving the main goal of the body, which is the presentation of the Greek halal certified products to the local market and importers of the Gulf area


On that note, HAQ-Greece is inviting you to participate on the sponsors’ program that has been founded to showcase Greek halal certified products in Gulfood in order to expand the export activities of Greek companies to the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is an early bird participation fee of 1200€ for signed applications and payments received before the 15th of October. The normal participation fee is 1350€ for signed applications and payments received 10 days before the exhibition. Please mind that the seats are limited so there is always the possibility of running out of available seats before the suggested deadline.

The participation fee includes:

  • Banner placement on the booth of HAQ-Greece – we receive and print the graphics to one of the wall sizes of the booth, priority based on registration date.
  • Dummy products exhibiting on shelves/stand of the booth
  • Brochures and business cards distribution to all incoming visitors
  • Copy of every visitors’ business card accompanied with a report of comments and Q&A
  • Use of the booth for business meetings, in case a company representative is attending
  • A full report that you receive within 7days after the exhibition having information of all visitors showing sales interest (importers, distributors etc.) and more specifically:
  1. full contact details
  2. activities sector and products that they showed interests for
  3. any interest that they have shown specifically about your products and what is their action plan

In order to participate you should be certified by HAQ-Greece or be in the process of certification.  Furthermore, you should have appropriate promotional material ( graphic for banner, company brochure and/or product catalog, business card of the person responsible for exports), as otherwise you will not be able to participate.

Some of the benefits that you get by joining the booth of HAQ-Greece:

  • lower participation fee compared to the initial registration
  • many buyers visit the booth looking for Greek halal products certified by an accredited certification body that follows the GSO standard, like HAQ-Greece
  • our experienced staff will welcome every visitor, and discuss about their imports  and gather all information that are important for the final report.
  • all products will be showcased to the visiting buyers and their interest will be recorded for future use
  • as a booth with various Greek halal certified products and companies, the interest of the visitors is guaranteed and the initial interest for a product could turn to possibly interest for more.
  • the attendance of your company’s representative is not necessary, although if present, the booth would be available for business meetings with possible clients.

Greekexports supposrts all efforts of the companies willing to expand their activities to new markets. Regarding the presence of companies with common or even competitive products at the same booth, it provenly works in favor of everyone.

From experience, this act draws significant attention into our main goal that is the attention of GCC key players. Even if all participants had the same scope and the same products, still the total capacity of quantity needed in this area could not be possibly covered by the producers in our area.

Moreover, the initial interest of the visitors for a specific category of products could generate questions and possibly interest for the rest of the products presented in the booth.