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Halal certification

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Halal certification

Halal? It’s not only for meat!

Kosher certification

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Kosher certification

your key to expand in USA, Russia, Canada and other kosher markets

Vegan certification

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Vegan certification

The "plant-based" is not just a trend. Αre you ready to seize the opportunity?

Vegetarian certification

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Vegetarian certification

Transparency and trust create sales!

Export Services

As Greekexports is your international partner in expansion, we are hosting several events by giving to the companies the chance to expand in foreign markets.
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Our Goodness Why Choose Us

We invite you to make the most out of GrX Team's expertise on exports issues and the necessary certifications that they require.

With more than 300 different scopes of certifications and auditings for halal-kosher-vegan-vegetarian certifications, we can help you achieving your goal that is the expansion to these markets.

The high successful rate of our costumers expading their businesses is our primer motive to continue being a major provider of these certificates in our region.

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This is an important market for Greek kosher products, as 40% of the products on selfs are kosher.

Brazil is the biggest producer of halal meat, but mainly for exports.

90% of buyer for vegan & vegetarian products are flexiterians. The number is increasing every year!

Apart from the Greek market, there is also a great demand for kosher & halal products.

Homeland to over 1 billion Muslims, targeting this developing region is a priority for Halal exports.

Countries traditionally halal that are open to international trade. Near Greece, showing serious opportunities.

Important Jews community that is looking for kosher products.